boredom killed the cat.

that abby girl
27 September
Los Angeles, California, United States
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activism, angelina jolie, argument, black clothing, blue states, books, britney spears, burning man, cindy sherman, civil rights, clubbing, compulsive music hunting, cooking, dancing, diesel, disability rights, dj-ing, dorothy parker, dressing up as myself, fashion, flirting, gender issues, hair dye, hollywood, hoodies, hot baths, human rights, jon stewart, la femme nikita, language, law, leather bracelets, legal aid, lewis carroll, lists, los angeles, magazines, martin amis, mental health issues, mix cds, mullholland drive (the road), my perfect kitty, nail polish, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, novels in the bath, parker posey, pj harvey, pointless semantic arguments, reading, rmta, social justice, splitting hairs, stealing people's lighters, sunroofs, televisionwithoutpity, the face (r.i.p.), the new york times, through the looking glass, trashy books, women's rights