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September 5th, 2008

04:43 pm - #4 - Kelly chooses her
For some reason, both Brandon and Dylan are head over heels in luv with Kelly, even though she treats both of them poorly and doesn’t really do anything. This had been building for an entire season, she’s dating Brandon but Dylan is clearly still hung up on her. And Brandon goes and buys an engagement ring and asks her to marry him and then Dylan gives her a plane ticket and asks her to go around the world with him. And then there’s all this “what is she going to do they are both such wonderful men (except Brandon who is a sanctimonious tool but therefore perfect for Kelly)” and then she goes and rejects them both. I mean, “chooses her.” Which sounded stupid even the first time she said it, and then to have that become an ongoing pop culture concept, choosing oneself, is just outrageous. But it did make for a dramatic plot twist, I guess.
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