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October 5th, 2006

07:19 pm - my top 10 songs
my top ten most played songs in itunes do not feel very representative. but shamefully, i think they are.

1. cecile - rude bwoy thug life
2. estelle - go gone
3. ying yang twins - live again (this is so shameful!)
4. tim burgess - oh my corazon
5. MSTRKRFT + the panthers - thank me with your hands (remix)
6. MIA - hombre
7. mobb deep f/nate dogg - ooh wee
8. cecile - high five
9. metric - dead disco
10. the redwalls - deep in the heart

i like caribbean influenced sounds (cecile, MIA).
i like blues/soul influenced rock n roll (tim burgess, redwalls)
i like rock n roll indie rock (the panthers)
i like soulful songs about the life of a stripper (ying yang twins)
i like lady singers (cecile, estelle, MIA, metric)
i love me some nate dogg

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