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still here! - boredom killed the cat.

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July 1st, 2006

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12:26 am - still here!
i know i've been dreadfully absent. i've been consumed by work. work is extremely challenging - both in ways that help me to grow and are amazingly fulfilling and in ways that frustrate me more than words can express. so that's pretty much what i've been up to.

mags wanted me to post so i feel like i should have more to say. i've been going to the farmer's market a lot and cooking and all that good stuff. i've also found myself going to a lot of comedy shows at the upright citizens brigade, which reminds me of living in chicago. my cat is in good health and is a delightful companion. my car is in less good health and is an increasingly unreliable companion.

i've been listening to the new nelly furtado stuff a lot. also spank rock. i would totally listen to a spank rock remix of a nelly furtado song if there were one. and like i do every summer, i'm obsessed with 70's soul. coachella was fabulous this year and i'm going to see massive attack at the hollywood bowl later this summer.

i hope you are all well and assure you that even though i haven't been reading, i have been thinking about all of you.

Current Music: jamie lidell - what's the use

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Date:July 2nd, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
i think that's because i "nudged" them both. at least i think i did. livejournal has this new feature where you can send an automated email to people on your friendslist saying you miss seeing their posts and hope they post again soon. i figured it would probably just irritate people, but it seems to work.
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Date:July 2nd, 2006 01:33 am (UTC)
ah... nudging. i remember when that first was announced. i hadn't seen anything about it in some time. well done!

(but now you've disillusioned me. i thought i was on to some grand metaphysical thing. *sigh*) ;)

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